“Were you there when they crucified my Lord?’ the old spiritual asks. And we must answer, ‘Yes, we were there.’ Not as spectators only, but as participants, guilty participants, plotting, scheming, betraying, bargaining and handing him over to be crucified. We may try to wash our hands of the responsibility like Pilate. But our attempt will be as futile as his. For there is blood on our hands. Only the man or woman who is prepared to own his share in the guilt of the cross may claim his share in its grace.” -John Stott (The Cross of Christ)

Were You There  acapella (spiritual)
Were You There – Shai Linne (hip-hop)
The Pieta – Michael Halpin
Doubting Thomas – Nickel Creek
He’s Alive – Don Francisco (arrangement: Eternal Worship)
Rise Again – Dallas Holm
Happy Day – Jesus Culture

We’ll be posting a full video from Sunday below.  Here’s a trailer until we get the video finished: