Lay Your Deadly Doing Down [song resources]

Lay Your Deadly Doing Down

(Luke 18; Luke 22:39-46; Psalm 62:5-8) 
written by: Jesse Schlicher © 2017 Jesse Schlicher Music 

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Verse 1:
Lay your deadly doing down / Down at Jesus’ feet / Stand in Him and Him alone / Gloriously complete

Jesus paid it all / Took the Father’s cup of wrath / And as he drank it through the dregs / He gave His life instead of mine

Verse 2:
Weary, working, burdened one / Why do you labor so / Cease your doing, all was done / On a cross, long ago

Oh to Jesus’ work we cling / For our doing ends in death / All our trust in Him alone / And our souls will find their rest

Lay Your Deadly Doing Down

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