You Walked Upon the Water [song resources]


You Walked Upon the Water

(Matthew 14:22-33; Matthew 19:14; Matthew 26:47-27:56; Mark 10:46-52; Luke 8:40-48; John 16:33) 
written by: Jesse Schlicher & Robert Edwards © 2013 Jesse Schlicher Music 

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Verse 1:
You walked upon the water / You calmed the raging sea / You healed those who were hurting / You made the blind man see / There is power in Your clothing / There is power in Your words / No one You met was left unchanged / You overcame the world

You are worthy of our praise / Son of God, the lamb once slain / Who’s blood has covered all our guilt and shame

Verse 2:
You loved the broken hearted / You loved the little ones / You loved us as Your brothers / You loved us as Your sons / You remember the forgotten / You forget our sin in grace / You lived Your life to love us / In Your death You took our place

Verse 3:
Betrayed by Your beloved / And killed by those You healed / Denied by those You’d die for / Forsaken for a field / You knew it had to happen / And You prayed that it would not / And as they nailed You to the cross, You said / Forgive them father, they don’t know they’re lost

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