Falls Apart (My Love Arise) [song resources]

Falls Apart (My Love Arise)

(Romans 5:1-5, Romans 8:28-39) 
written by: Chann Carroll © 2007 Chann Carroll Music 

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Verse 1:
It’s easy to find beauty in the sunlight / Beauty in the stars at night / Beauty when the time is right / And love abides when the feeling is all gone / And the pain is worth the healing that is poured out on us 

And love abides / Let grace arise / Let grace arise / My love arise 

There is no greater gain than to sing Your praise when everything falls apart / Yeah, it falls apart / When better days seem so far away, I will lift my voice and sing / “Hallelujah” to my King 

Verse 2:
It’s easy to find favor in the bright eyes / Color in the sunrise / Motion in the changing tides / And love abides when humility restores / And the pain is worth the promise of eternity secured

Life or death / Sick or health / Rich or poor / It’s good to know my Lord / There is nothing better than / The one thing that i know is that / Even death will not keep us apart 


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