All I Need [song resources]

All I Need

(Isaiah 43) 
written by: Amy Coccia © 2010 Amy Coccia Music 

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Verse 1:
Although the storms they come / I won’t be ‘whelmed by the flood / And although the waters, they rise / They won’t pass my chin, won’t reach my eyes

Because You are with me / Always / Because You are with me / Always

Jesus, You’re all I need Jesus, You’re all I need / You are my everything 

Verse 2:
See how the flames dance and turn / But I won’t feel the heat, I won’t be burned / No / You make a way through the sea / Yeah / Extinguish my enemy / Yeah

Verse 3:
Father, Son and Holy Ghost / Three clouds in the sky, Holy Ghost / Three stars in the night, Holy Ghost / Holy Ghost 


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