Yours [song resources]


(John 12:46; Revelation 22:13; Psalm 139:10; Genesis 2:7; Romans 5:1-5)
written by: Chann Carroll © 2008 Chann Carroll Music and stuff

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Verse 1:
You are the sun / You are the stars / The light to rend my shallow heart / Shining into my dark 

Verse 2:
You are the first / You are the last / You are the future and You are past / But I’m here in Your presence now 

Verse 3:
You are the hand that’s leading me / You are the peace my sorrow needs / And I’m finding it on my knees / On my knees / I’m on my knees 

Verse 4:
You are the grace that gives me life / You are the hope I can’t deny / In You I am satisfied 

Verse 5:
You are creator, life sustainer / The breath of life in me / And it’s with this breath that I sing / Lord, I sing / To You I sing 

Verse 6:
This heart of stone / You made it Yours / My wounded spirit / You restored 

All of my life is Yours  


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