Praise the One [song resources]

Praise the One

(Galatians 3:10-14; Ephesians 2; Romans 8:29-30; John 10:17-18; John 15:12-17) 
written by: Jesse Schlicher © 2010 Jesse Schlicher Music 

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Verse 1:
Grace has found me as I am / A lost, helpless, sinful man / Cursed without the Holy One / I settle for such lesser loves 

But You’ve shown Your love to me / And You laid down Your life freely 

So I’ll praise the One / Who bore my shame and filth / And I’ll praise the One / Who’s blood covers my guilt 

Verse 2:
Grace has found me resting in You / A child of God, You foreknew / Ransomed by Your death, oh Chosen One / You paid my debt and redeemed my soul 

And there’s no greater love than this / That He’d lay down His life and call me a friend 


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